Let’s face it. All fire apparatus look fantastic when they are new, polished and parade ready. So, what sets a particular builder’s unit apart? Climb under your apparatus, get inside to see what makes it special, or not so special. You must get down to the foundation of your truck to see if it is truly top tier. Will it last 10, 15, 20 or even 30 years in- service? Those trucks have stories to tell and may have a few scars along the way to prove it. They are part of the crew and have earned their place. They have a legacy. Materials, design, quality, craftsmanship, parts and service after the sale, are just words unless they are part of your company’s DNA. Expect more, for these traits help to build those stories. Every E-ONE rescue project is a unique endeavor which starts with you, the rescue operators. Working together, we will listen to the unique needs of your department and the challenges your crew encounters in the field. From this foundation, a rescue is born. E-ONE has the engineering and expertise to design and build a rig to tackle any task. Utilizing the best materials and craftsmanship available in the industry, E-ONE can make your crew’s rescue a reality. Demand the best, expect a level of durability and performance coupled with product support after the sale that is unsurpassed in the industry. Demand E-ONE!


The E-ONE light rescue may be smaller than its big brothers, but don’t let that fool you. It has all of the capabilities of any of the E-ONE rescue line-up, but in a more compact size. Like all E-ONE apparatus, our light rescue body is designed with 3/16” extruded aluminum with a full main frame to offer one of the industry’s strongest light rescue bodies. Built for the long haul with a longer base service life, it offers future cost savings with easy rechassis capabilities due to this superior body design.


E-ONE’s non-walk-in rescue can be used in a wide array of applications from technical rescue/multivehicle accidents, confined space/high-angle rescue, area illumination, extrication, wet rescue (with water and pump), Haz-Mat and USAR as well as many other disciplines. Maximum storage space and equipment capabilities in a heavy duty platform with large transverse storage solutions for extra gear is this rig’s specialty.


The E-ONE walk-in rescue provides the space first responders need to efficiently store and utilize vital lifesaving equipment. With a wide center walkway, countertops and large compartments, the interior of the EONE walk-in rescue allows first responders a spacious area to transport crew. This includes work stations and storage for specialized delicate equipment as well as a designated space for rehab or Haz-Mat operations control.


The E-ONE combo rescue provides a blend of capabilities of both walk-in and non-walk-in rescue bodies. The rear body with all of the spacious storage features of the non-walk-in body joins a forward walk-in module for mission critical duties. Command, rehab, Haz-Mat or dive/swift water rescue are just a few of the duties the forward module can accommodate on-scene to elevate your response capabilities.


The E-ONE command center is a specialized rescue that provides a full suite of technology for communications and crisis command on-scene. Allowing cross functional control from all sectors involved in regional emergency services, these units are self-contained and provide the command and control required for extended service until the crisis or event is mitigated. Airports, refineries, forestry and law enforcement/homeland security first responders and others can count on the command center when it matters most.

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Newport Fire/EMS Department

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Point Pleasant Fire Protection District

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Erlanger Fire/EMS Department

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Northern Kentucky / Greater Cincinnati ARFF

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Alexandria Kentucky Fire District

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Member of the Cincinnati Fire Department
Cincinnati Fire Department

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Anderson Township Fire & Rescue

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Benton Twp VFD, Waverly, OH

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Jordan Hall - Firefighter/Paramedic
Montgomery Fire Department

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Georgetown Fire Department

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Chief William A Christie
Jackson Township Fire / Rescue

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New Liberty Fire Deptment

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Pierce Township Fire Department

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Chief Bob Napier
Union Township South Lebanon Fire Department

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Union Fire Protection District

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Chief Paul LaFontaine
Elsmere Fire District

"I called this morning a little after 9:00 AM and reported a problem with our 611 Pumper not starting which appeared to be related to the battery or starter switch. Service sent someone to our station immediately and the issue was resolved by 11:00 AM.Tell your guys thanks for the quick response and solution."

Chief Tim Heitmeyer
Dillsboro Volunteer Fire Department