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MSA’s new FireHawk M7XT Air Mask represents a true technological achievement in critical firefighter protection. As firefighters determined the safety requirements required to meet NFPA 1981 and 1982 2013-edition standards, MSA engineering teams began to design solutions. The new FireHawk M7XT Air Mask, with its life-safety design components built upon a modular air mask platform, exceeds NFPA 2013 requirements and provides firefighters with the highest quality SCBA available.

Through NFPA, firefighters strive to improve the durability and performance of their SCBA and PASS devices. It’s no different with the new 2013 edition of NFPA 1981 and 1982 NFPA standards for self-contained breathing apparatus and personal alert safety systems (PASS). These revisions call for a minimum low pressure alarm set point of 33% cylinder operating pressure remaining, improved facepiece lens radiant heat performance, 500° F heat and flame exposure, and standardized PASS device alarm sound patterns. In addition, NFPA has raised the bar on voice communication capability, now requiring measurable, minimum Sound Transmission Index (STI) scores for both mechanical and electronic communications.

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Dave Volk of MSA Safety talks about the FireHawk M7 Air Mask. The FireHawk M7 represents a true technological achievement in critical personal protection. Built on a modular Air Mask platform, developed to exceed the new NFPA 2007 requirements and provide firefighters with the highest-quality SCBA currently available.

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Vogelpohl Fire Equipment partnered with MSA allowing us to offer firefighters the best life safety equipment available on the market.

About MSA 

MSA protects firefighters’ lives. Their ongoing commitment to the fire service is based upon providing superior products to help keep firefighters safe and accounted for on the job. MSA offers the very best tools to accomplish this goal, including, SCBA, Cairns helmets, portable gas detection instruments, and thermal imaging cameras.

MSA Innovation

MSA’s commitment to innovation can be seen throughout their product mix. The MSA Quick-Fill System allowed for cylinder transfilling years prior to NFPA Universal Rescue Connection requirements. MSA’s accountability system provides Incident Command with software tools to keep track of firefighters on the fireground. 175+ years of Cairns Fire Helmets has provided many firsts, including the Defender Visor integrated eye protection option. The new Evolution 6000 thermal Imager meeting the NFPA platform to make TIC use easier, faster, lighter, and more intuitive. Through MSA’s support, it allows us to provide you with fast, reliable product service and repair.

Service and Repair

Vogelpohl Fire is also an authorized service and warranty center for MSA.  We offer mobile SCBA bench testing as well as facepiece fit testing.  We also maintain a large inventory of MSA parts and accessories enabling us to respond quickly to our customer’s needs.

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